Dear Autumn,

Let me explain. Emily Diana Ruth seems to be in such close warm correspondence with July, a time of year that seems stifling to me. A time of year whose warmth tries to hug me so tightly at night I can barely breathe. Autumn is much more my season. When I can see the sun but can’t quite feel its presence. So I have the excuse to wrap myself in my beloved coats and cardigans and jumpers. Emily has summer covered so I find myself with the desire to keep you company, Autumn. Here I am. And here you are already when it feels like only yesterday when a new Fletcher was born into our family, when in reality that was six long months ago. It feels like autumn has brought with it the winds of change and I need to start listening a little harder to where they’re telling me to go because I really don’t want to miss what they’re saying.

short hair

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You have my name, my clan, my family. And if necessary, the protection of my body as well.


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The end of an era

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From my research it looks like tea brewing time depends on what your teas made out of. To put it simply

  • leaf: 1-3 minutes
  • flower: 3-6 minutes
  • stem or stalk: 8-10 minutes
  • root: 7- 9 minutes

I’d recommend experimenting with your tea and seeing how strong you like it. It’s all just trail and error at the end of the day :D

game of thrones meme - one queen or king

Cersei Lannister

"Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger, and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear."